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Connections in Ohio’s weekly program: Be Fit!

Be Fit is a program that Connections in Ohio runs twice a week for the individuals that we serve, to provide a positive recreational, emotional and social experience.

Be Fit began in September 2015. The program was created as a way for the individuals we served to stay active, meet their desire to lose weight, and have fun! 

Since the start of Be Fit, we have had many success stories for the individuals who attend. Several individuals have lost a significant amount of weight. The most significant weight lost has been from Chris, who is currently down 79 lbs!  Not only have several individuals lost weight, but this has also provided a positive social experience. They’ve made new friends and have found many ways to grow.

 The activities range from recreational (kickball, basketball, soccer, softball, volleyball, parachute games, relay races) to social (musical chairs, dances, scavenger hunts, arts & crafts, talent shows).

Interested in join our Be Fit program? We recently have expanded our program to include not only the individuals that we serve but other inside the community.

For more information on the Be Fit program, please contact Bethany Priest at bpriest@connectionsinohio.com or call 216.299.4011

Download the Be Fit Registration Form