What is your role at Connections in Ohio? Direct Support Professional

How long have you been employed at Connections in Ohio? Since November 2017

What do you enjoy most about working at Connections in Ohio?  He loves that being a Support Tech is different from working in his previous work environments, factories and warehouses, that are the homes of the consumers. He enjoys that every day is a different day. Doug feels that he is giving back to the community with working this job

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Since Doug works a lot at Connections in Ohio and has an additional job, he tends to not have much spare time. In the spare time he does have he loves to ride his 2015 Harley Sportster and go to the beach when it is warmer. Doug enjoys listening to music and watching movies as well. He would love to travel more in the near future

What is something no one know about you?  One thing that most people don’t know about Doug is that he has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering.