What is your role at connections in Ohio? Direct Support Professional. Focused first on the people being safe and understanding that my role will require flexibility, creativity, and commitment.
How long have you been employed by connections?  Although I’ve been employed for such a short time; my experience has been very rewarding and will have long lasting effects on my life and the people I encounter.
What do you enjoy most about working for connections? The smiles that I may bring to lives that I Impact on a daily basis.
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? I enjoy traveling, vacation planning and just hanging out with my loved ones but mostly I enjoy just focusing on ways I can improve the lives of someone else.
What is something no one knows about you? Despite the many adversities I’ve been blessed to overcome; I’ve also learned how to make the best of my life and doing so I promised myself to travel to a different state every year and I’ve done just that for the past 10 years.