Administrator On Call Contact (AOC)
Cuyahoga County: (216) 387-0334
Summit County: (330) 715-0423

Incident Report (UIR/MUI): Electronic reporting system used to file any unusual or major unusual incidents that occur in the home or with an individual.

Solana: Time keeping services that is used for employee to track hours work in home throughout the week.

Time Simplicity: Provides employee’s with monthly calendar. Available for employees to drop or pick up shifts and allows to request time off.

Carasolva (EMAR): Medication Administration tracking system. Used to track and monitor all medications administrated to an individual.

Pay Serv: Employee personal information with regards to paystubs and benefits. Used for annual trainings completed by employee, including but not limited to OSHA, MUI/UIR Training, Abuse and neglect registry, etc.

Training resources for employees: